President’s 2014 annual report to AGM

President’s  Report to AGM of the Nepean Art Society 7th March 2015

Submitted by Joe Cartwright

I am very pleased to present, for your consideration and adoption, my 2014 President’s Report on our Society’s activities. Here are some of the things we have achieved together during 2014:


We held two successful exhibitions at our Station Street Studio. One in Spring and the other in Autumn. As usual, our focus has been on attracting as many people to our shows, to maximize member sales. To this end we invested some of our funds in the purchase of some very noticeable “Art Show” flags on poles.

We now have access to an electronic credit card machine which has made the processing of sales much easier. At our last exhibition, our Treasurer, Dennie Shanahan, was able to pay all member commissions at the end of the show – needless to say this was very well received.

Penrith Show

Our members assisted the stewards of the Penrith Show by managing painting take in and pickup. We also provided gallery supervision during the Show. The Nepean Art Society sponsor one of the sections in the Children’s Exhibition at the show. Next year the Show moves to the new venue of the Functions Centre on the show grounds. We are not sure how this will affect attendance to the Exhibition but at the least it will be a quieter venue as the previous one was right outside the entertainment stand.

Electronic Communication

Members have been very supportive of our on-line efforts. Most membership payments are now processed through PayPal or direct deposit which saves our Treasurer a great deal of time.

Our emailed newsletter has continued to be popular and Rob has done a great job keeping it interesting.

Our accounts are now processed on an Access database reducing the chances of manual errors and improving the speed of reporting.

Membership Fees

Our membership fees were reviewed. Our annual fee of $20 will remain the same for the whole year, without reductions for 6 month terms.

Plein Air Painting Group

The Plein Air Painting Group that was established in 2013 was very active with field trips held most Thursdays. Upcoming locations are updated weekly on our website.

The field trip to Glen Davis  was held again this year.


Classes continue to be popular and are the main entrance point for new members. In addition to my two weekly watercolour classes, Di Walsh has had to increase her children’s classes from two to three because of demand. Frank Hodgert has had to stop his classes for the time being. Though he is considering running workshops once he establishes his new home studio. Rose Gilbey has re-joined the Society recently and is now running a regular class, covering all mediums.


As members of the Combined Art Societies of Sydney (CASS) our artists participated in the Art Of Sydney Awards, at Darling Harbour in January 2015. A number of our members sold paintings and received awards at the exhibition.

Once more I would like to thank Len Joyce for representing us on the CASS management committee and assisting with the delivery and pickup of our paintings for the Show.

Chamber of Commerce

It was decided that we would no longer remain as members of the Chamber consequently we will let our membership lapse in 2015.

Sunday Workshops

Your committee is always looking for ways to enhance your membership in the Society. To this end, I would like to announce that Beth Gibbeson has come forward and offered to organise some regular workshops beginning in a few months. These will be held at the Society’s current premises.


For the time being we will be remaining at our current, though temporary, premises in Station Street. We have had discussions with Council regarding the likelihood of moving to a new venue, but for the time being we will be staying where we are. Our desire as a Society is to have a permanent home, hopefully with enough space for a small permanent gallery, by 2017 which will be our 50th anniversary as the Nepean Art Society.

Committee Meetings and Demonstrations

This year we moved our committee meetings and demonstrations to Saturday afternoon. A number of our members had stated they had difficultly attending evening events hence the move to Saturday. This has been well received with good attendance to our demonstrations.

Our committee meetings begin at 1pm and are followed at 2 PM with a brief update on key matters resulting from the prior committee meeting.  Demonstrations then start at 2:15PM.

We had a number of varied and  informative demonstrations at our bi monthly meetings by some very competent artists. The people who gave demonstrations are: John Rice, Melisa Reed-Devine, Tanner Tan, Jane Blundell, and Ros Psakis.

All members are encouraged to attend Management Committee meetings should they be interested or would like to contribute to our Society in some way.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my fellow Committee members for their generous support throughout the year. Their assistance has been much appreciated and continues to make my time as President of our Society a pleasure. Every Committee member deserves your gratitude as their contributions of time and skill has allowed our Society to function effectively and allowed us to deliver the above services. Without members being willing to give their time on our Management Committee our Society would cease to exist. In addition to our Management Committee members I would like to thank the significant number of other members who regularly come forward to assist at exhibitions, demonstrations, screen transport, cleaning, etc.

Joe Cartwright



Nepean Art Society Inc.