Gallery of Sharon Moroney

Thankfully I was given the gift of the ability to draw from a very young age, which has helped me in many creative pursuits.I have been drawing and painting throughout my life and am self taught apart a few short courses I have undertaken. I worked as an animator for Burbank Studios for a number of years, and also Hanna Barbera and Disney for a short time.
I have recently been chosen as one of the contributing artists for the American publication entitled ‘Art Journey-People’. The book will be published in December 2014.It is collection of work from 104 artists, chosen worldwide.I find portraiture one of the most challenging and rewarding art forms.
I am continually looking to learn more and be better at what I do.I have worked with most types of media over the years and enjoy trying new things.
I draw or paint the things to which I have an emotional response. One of the most exciting things about art,for me, is the thought of the work I have not yet done.

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